Back to School: Top 10 Essentials After the Long Break

Returning to school after an extended hiatus can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Though educational systems may differ across Africa, certain back-to-school staples are universally crucial. Below is a customised list to help parents and students seamlessly transition back to school life.

1. School Uniforms and Shoes

A snug school uniform sets the tone for a successful academic year. Aim to have at least two sets, and let’s not overlook the classic black school shoes, a staple in most school attire guidelines.

2. Notebooks and Stationery

The right stationery can make all the difference in keeping up with notes and assignments. Stock up on ruled notebooks, ballpoint pens, and other basics to last the term.

3. Textbooks and Reference Material

Acquire all textbooks as per your school’s booklist. Additional resources like dictionaries and scientific calculators are invaluable across various subjects.

4. A Sturdy Backpack

Choose a durable backpack with padded straps to carry books, stationery, and other essentials comfortably.

5. Lunchbox and Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle and a lunchbox are crucial, especially considering the warm climates prevalent in many parts of Africa.

6. Hygiene Kit

To maintain personal hygiene, pack a small kit with hand sanitiser and tissues.

7. Flash Drive

With the increasing integration of technology in educational settings, a flash drive becomes instrumental for storing and transferring academic material.

8. First Aid Essentials

A basic first aid kit with plasters and antiseptic wipes can be convenient for minor scrapes or injuries.

9. Art Supplies

For subjects requiring creative input, like Art and Design, have specific supplies like sketch pads and coloured pencils.

10. Desk Organisers

Keeping your study space tidy can have a significant impact on productivity. Desk organisers can help keep stationery and essential papers in check.

Proper preparation is critical to a smooth back-to-school transition, ensuring not just a well-organised term but also a productive academic year ahead.

We wish you all the best in your studies!


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